Issam Bayan is a young Muslim living in Germany

Bayan is a young Muslim living in Germany and quite a special nasheed singer.
In a few years, he grew out to be a social media personality and motivational coach
hundreds of thousands Muslims look up to. We’ve had the chance to ask him a few
questions about his journey so far and his plans for the future.

started a nasheed group when he was only 15 years old.  ‘I started to sing
as a child in the mosque with other children. We also started to learn Tajweed
[rules of reciting the Holy Quran] together. When I was 15 years old, we
decided to create a nasheed group to sing at public events. From year to year,
more and more people asked me to perform at events and weddings.’
Bayan – Wolidal Huda
ولد الهدى [Official Music Video]
Those who follow him on Facebook and Twitter know he has
many fans from around the world. But does he also get any criticism? ‘In the
beginning, my own friends criticised me. When I started to present my nasheeds
online, it was something strange for them, because I live in Germany and it’s
not usual to see someone who sings Islamic songs in public. But after a while,
they started supporting me, alhamdulilllah (all praise and thanks be to Allah).’
not just known for his great songs, but also for sharing motivational words on
his social media channels. ‘I used to only present my work, my nasheeds.
Sometimes I posted motivational words, to encourage someone at his point of
life. Words are weapons and I realised that more and more. I never thought that
I would reach that many people. They motivated me to go on and to do this more.
When I can change someone’s world in a positive way, why should I stop? That is
my motivation.’



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