Shaheer first brought his guitar to his training camp, little did he know it’ll
be a pathway for him to be a Nasheed singer. A military medic by day, Shaheer
dons his headphones and composes lyrical notes by night, imagining and
perfecting on what his songs would sound and feel like. After fervent prayers
and lyrical compositions, Shaheer is now ready to unveil his first song to the
world, aptly titled, ‘The Veil’:

military medic by profession, Shaheer’s talent blossomed when he sang with his
friends during his military training. The lack of digital entertainment didn’t
hinder the trainees to find other alternatives: namely singing with a group of
friends. Noting that he had a lovely voice, his friends suggested that he be an
artist: and thus he took the challenge and became one. On reason of being a
nasheed singer, Shaheer wanted his songs to be impactful to his audience, as a
form of dua and inspiration to the public to find their inner peace and comfort
with Allah. This noble idea and determination borne a fruit called ‘The Veil’.
 ‘The Veil’ came as reminder to both himself as
well as to others. In the age of various distraction, to be focused and be
mindful of our wondering mind is not a simple task. It requires effort, and
leaving the worldly matters behind. And Shaheer has beautifully rendered this
through his song, describing it as an unveiling of wearies that ultimately
leads to the clarity of mind. Walking through a forest till we reach that calm
lake-like state of our consciousness.
in a way is still rough around the edges, but his songle The Veil shows a lot
of potential and a very focused aspiration, to not just be a role model to
those around him, but extended to those that he can touch through his songs.
Insyallah, this will be one of the many steps that Shaheer will walk, in order
to be a Man with a Dawaah Mission.
If you
wish to find out more about him, you can find him on his facebook page , official
YouTube page
 and his Twitter
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