Loonaq Sdn.Bhd. (Company No:
732637-U) was established in May 2012 as Digital Music & Media Content
Distribution Platform). Loonaq is first in Malaysia successfully launched for
digital download marketing globally for goods/products of creative digital
content such as audio recordings, music/song, video, audiobook, artist
collectibles, books and others. Beside digital distribution serviced for own
label called Loonaq Records, this platform also offer this services to its
Content Partners by worldwide licensing right to distribute not onto
only but all digital store and audio/video streaming platform such as iTunes,
Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. via partnership agreements.

Loonaq was founded by Haji Rozman bin Haji Abas who hold as Chief Executive Officer,
while the Co-founder is his wife, Zaharah bt Koming who currently look after
Loonaq’s finance management.

Haji Rozman experienced in music industry from back 1988 when he joined Omry
Records (later change to FGM Records) as sales officer to last position as
Marketing Manager. Omry and FGM was the first local native “bumiputera”
recording company, which released many famous local artists such as Zaiton
Sameon and Allhayarham Adam Ahmad. FGM was a company related to Mrs. Zaharah’s
family and from this experienced both Rozman and Zaharah later team up
independently by founded few indie label such Karun Seni (1991), Sonic Asylum
Records (1992), Sonic Asylum Sdn. Bhd. (1994), Kirawang Muzik Sdn. Bhd. (1995),
Brain Music (1999) and currently Loonaq Records (2011).

is IslamicTunes
IslamicTunes™ is aim to be the 1st
Muslim’s social content digital platform towards the creating of halal
entertainment marketplace globally. We create this platform for Muslim
entertainment fans including fans of music, audio, video, ebooks, images, wisdom
words, write, literatures, thoughts, event, concerts, gigs, live shows, etc.
can meets up and get connected with the content creators, content
entrepreneurs, musikpreneurs, videopreneurs/moviepreneurs & graphicpreneurs
or even performers/talent, to uphold and elevate the Islamic art and connecting
business network all over the world.
For the Creative Content
Entrepreneurs, this is the 1st digital content media platform to socialize,
commercialize and monetize your content across the globe which focusing on
halal entertainment contents and products. Lets build awareness and business networking
and keep making ummah enjoy within the syaria compliences. Join us for FREE!

Our mission is to support Muslim
creative creators and talents’ entrepreneurs who thrive at the intersection of
design, technology and creative expression.

Our visions are to accelerate the success of creative
entrepreneurs and economies. At IslamicTunes we believe in the power of
creative entrepreneurs to create dynamic and prosperous communities towards
dakwah and ukhuwah.







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