IslamicTunesNews | What is IslamicTunes?

IslamicTunes is a Muslim Artist and Talent’s media and community platform focusing on music, audio and video. The platform has 3 main sections of services as below:-
    • IslamicTunes’ Community
      • Global Muslim Musicpreneurs & Artist’s Directory and Listing;
      • Global Media Community (Vlog/News/Radio Online Community and Event Marketplace);
      • Knowledge Centre.
    • IslamicTunes Music Streaming service;
    • International Islamic Music Conference.


If you’re music and audio video creators or content entrepreneurs and music industry businesses that selling or serves to Muslim’s users, this is the best community platform to launch your products or services.
If you’re brand owners, related to Muslim’s lifestyle and Islamic teaching, this is the best place to collaborate, advertise or to sponsor and invest to any Muslim’s Creative Talent to support these content’s creator who will trigger the next Islamic civilization via entertainment technologies.
Join us and together we develop the #1MuslimEntertainmentHub to ease fans and those searching and hunting for sharia compliance and Muslim’s friendly contents in the form of music, audio and video. Come and join our jihad to get connected, get visible and get noticed by millions!
As we are the industry’s player as well, we team up as a vision to uphold Islamic music sector to balance between commercial aspect and entertainment as dakwah and ukhuwah.
The absence of clear guidelines of Islamic content for entertainment business especially on music, lack of commercial platform locally and globally and the absence of structures and infrastructures, both for control, monitoring and business development itself, it is feared could lead Muslims to grow in a confused cultural civilization that can cause us further away of the values of Islam.
Explosion of satellite and digital technology and new media platforms cause non-Islamic art and culture too easier to break through this ambiguous space in the entertainment industry through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone which is seen to threaten the thinking and ideology of Muslims, especially in the next generation or so called “Global Urban Muslim community”.
Yet too far from success, but we hope that with the implementation of this community will possible to give a new shift in making music, video, film and entertainment arts as an essential tool for propagation constantly and can compete in the flow of new media technology as well as popular platforms now. InsyaaAllah.


To catalyse the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Muslim Music sector and Islamic entertainment as total, bringing together the abundant resources from partners and communities alike and to develop entrepreneurs of enduring, high growth startup that will make a positive impact at a global scale within the syaria compliances.


  1. To make as a hub of World Islamic Entertainment multi-channel digital platform; to uphold Creative Musicpreneurs Community, a marketplace & lifestyle trendsetter including for business network, idea & content development, systems & technology solutions, digital distribution and content monetizing;
  2. To define a single or mostly agreed amongst the muslim worldwide regarding to describe or categorize what is Islamic entertainment including Islamic music, movie and audio.
  3. Creating a global halal or muslim entertainment business network, which accounted for entrepreneurial development of creative content and performing arts of Islam towards ensuring that every inspiration, thought and civilization become a catalyst for spreading the Islamic brotherhood in line with ICT digital developments and new media growth.
  4. To complete the Islamic economic ecosystem and to mobilize revenue in every aspect of life, especially sharing the global halal and Muslim’s market growth.
  5. To shown to others that Islam is all about peace and always wanted harmony life.







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