New Single Releases for Ramadhan2020 By Loonaq Records And IslamicTunes

#Ramadhan2020 New Releases curated by IslamicTunes

#Ramadhan2020 New Releases

For us on IslamicTunes, we believe that to pray, reciting Al Quran, dua and zikir is the best entertainment for Muslim forever. Some of us also like to make a sadaqah and enjoyed to see that they can bring happiness to those who need it most!

But to be frank, there are lots of temptation surrounding us that no matter what we do, listen or watch, we will see all these kinds of non-friendly content that blended in our gadgets, handphone, laptop, smart TV, etc. 

This is one of many reason that IslamicTunes exist. Not to say that we are the best for the solutions, but we are trying to create an awareness that someone might rethink of their choices of entertainment to select, started from independently to choose the suitable content that he or she want to listen and watch.

IslamicTunes with Loonaq Records are happily to announce that 6 new original single tracks album and 1 re-mastered single track are been released today at all digital stores and streaming platforms worldwide. A released by Loonaq Records and curated  by IslamicTunes specially for Ramadhan month to create options for Muslim to listen Islamic songs while being #lockdown #stayAtHome #dudukrumah to avoid of #COVID19 spreading. #staysafe to you all!

Alternatively, fans also can streams and download on MusicXChange on here or on the web apps, owned and operated by Loonaq Technologies PLT. There’s a link to connect you to all digital stores (if you want to download) such as on iTunes, Amazon Music, KKbox; and streaming platform (if you want to listen and watch) such as on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. 

Thanks for those who support Muslim’s friendly entertainment! #kitaJagaKita 







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